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Details of our premier event, the Riverland Paddling Marathon (RPM) can be viewed at this site. You can also access details on other marathon paddling events. Or you can look up the latest weather report, river levels and tide times from the links page.

We hope our web home satisfies your interest and whets your appetite for marathon paddling.

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Riverland Paddling Marathon

The Riverland Paddling Marathon (RPM) is South Australia’s premiere long distance paddling marathon. The RPM incorporates the Murray 200, the Murray 200 Relay, the Murray 100 and the Riverland mini-marathon.

The 3 day event runs from Berri to Morgan over the Queens Birthday long weekend every year in June.
The Riverland Paddling Marathon attracts all types of paddle craft including kayaks, canoes, surf skis, surf boats, dragon boats and stand up paddle boards. Recreational classes are run in conjunction with competitive classes.
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  • 2022/23 Sprint Regatta Series Oct 27, 2022
    Regatta 1 | 22/10/2022 | RESULTS | POINT SCORE Regatta 2 | 5/11/2022 | RESULTS | POINT SCORE Regatta 3 | 26/11/2022 | RESULTS | POINT SCORE GP1 | 9-11/12/2022 | PA EVENT PAGE Regatta 4 | 14/02/2022 State Championships | 29-30/01/2023 Regatta 5 | 12/02/2023 Regatta 6 | 04/03/2022    
    The Paddle SA office will be closed from 5pm on Thursday 23 December, re-opening Monday 10 January. If you need assistance with an urgent matter during this time, please contact EO David Heard, as per details on the PSA website. Merry Christmas to all, and safe paddling into 2022 and beyond.
  • Vale Eddie Andriessen Dec 16, 2021
    The management and administration team at Paddle SA was deeply saddened to receive the news of the passing of PSA director Eddie Andriessen last weekend. Eddie joined the Board in 2018 and provided valuable input across many areas of our operations. But Eddie’s major contribution, and lasting legacy, was his dedication to the Paddling Trails South Australia […]
  • Paddle Challenge 12-14th November 2021 Jul 21, 2021
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  • PSA Canoe Sprint Titles 2020-21 Feb 27, 2021
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    Tokyo Olympian Daniel Watkins has announced his retirement from international level competitive Canoe Slalom. Watkins grew up in Tasmania, and first picked up the paddle at age 11. His parents thought it would be worth Watkins learning how to paddle and signed him up to Derwent Canoe Club where he has remained ever since. As […]
  • Masters enjoy getting back on the water at the 2023 PWA Canoe Sprint Championships Feb 3, 2023
    The recent 2023 PWA Canoe Sprint Championships were a roaring success, catering to young, old and everyone in between. The Championships were a good opportunity for locals to warm up for the 2023 PA Canoe Sprint Championships which will be held at Champion Lakes, WA from the 21-25th of March. There has always been an […]
  • Mental health increasing priority for Australian athletes Jan 31, 2023
    The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) has welcomed new research revealing more Australian high performance athletes are prioritising their mental health. The AIS Mental Health Audit, run by mental health research institute Orygen, showed 50 per cent of the 305 athletes who took part in the survey sought treatment in 2022, compared to just 39 per cent of […]