Welcome to the 2015 RPM

Congratulations on entering the Coolest Paddling Marathon for 2015 – the RPM!

We have a fair bit of information for you so please do take a few minutes to read!

First off, if you have not already done so, you can download the 2015 Race Book at theRPM Website

The River is at normal winter levels with minimal flow, but the weather is looking to be pretty good – with temperatures in the 5-18 range for most of the time, and the wind is predicted to be around 10km/h with up to 25km/h gusts across the 3 days.  Saturday will be cloudy, and we hope there is no rain in it and the rest of the weekend should be clear.

Yes there will be a Race Dinner on Sunday Evening and this year we are trying a new venue – the Cobdogla Club – it is $25/pp and please let us know at registration on Saturday morning the numbers attending – Take a look at the Menu now and decide on what you want – we hope you can join us.

We have done the first pass of the boat numbers and sorting out the entries.  If there are any changes please let us know ASAP so we can update them.  We have already made a few small changes that may not be in the list already.

At the end of each day we will be uploading the provisional times to the MCC website Just look for the blog post under “News”

During the weekend we will also be commenting on Facebook – so please feel free to join in!


All Paddlers at registration are required to sign off that they have read the 2015 Competitor briefing which contains the main changes this year.

At Registration, please assist us by coming up as a team – that is all paddlers – as boat numbers will not be provided until all team members have signed off.  Please ensure that once you have your boat number to notify one of our scrutineers to check your craft.


For those travelling, have a safe trip and we look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday (and Sunday for the single Day Paddlers)

Let’s all have a safe and fun weekend

See you all on the Water

Bob Phillips
on behalf of the MCC-SA committee and Martin Finn, Race Director.