Christmas Race for 2006

Blanchetown to Swan Reach Christmas Race 2006.

 This yearÕs Christmas race came upon us after a busy year when many of our members had been away for one reason or another so it was a small but enthusiastic group who fought it out for the coveted ÒSands of TimeÓ trophy.

The weather was brilliant and the paddling conditions great. The only dampener on the day was the absence of staunch supporter and support boat operator Bob Bristow who is recovering from serious illness. We wish him a speedy recovery. The times were good, Ron Blum and John Hales established a record in the Vet 70 age group and both Marc Brehin and David Speck estimated their time to within 1 minute and 27 seconds so by mutual agreement the Sands of Time trophy will be living in the Brehin household for the next 12 months. Roger Magor (in the same boat as David Speck) was 23 minutes out in his estimation and won the booby prize. It was good to see Fred and Bruni Lamprecht who, though unable to paddle joined us at the dinner. After the meal Greg Roberts presented Ron Blum and John Hales with their certificates of life membership and Carolyn Cooper showed the stunning photos she took at the World Marathon Championships  in Tremolat France this year. A successful day, we apologise for the late notice of this event and will try and do better in the coming year.