About Us

The Marathon Canoe Club of South Australia

If you are interested in long distance paddling for recreation, exploration or competition then the Marathon Canoe Club of SA is the club for you.

Marathon paddling events are considered to be any paddle or race longer than 10km, although this definition can vary a little depending on conditions and degree of difficulty.

The main function of the Marathon Canoe Club of South Australia is to organise the Riverland Paddling Marathon. However the club has a number of important secondary goals including –

  • Organise other marathon paddling events in South Australia such as the Back2Back and Christmas Race,
  • Facilitating or encourage greater participation in marathon paddling events,
  • Encourage paddlers to participate in interstate events,
  • Encourage friendship and fun for marathon canoeists, their family and friends.

Where is the club based?

The MCC-SA does not have a clubrooms boat shed. This fact is considered to be one of the strengths of the Club because we are not locked into one venue. Also, without major overheads we are able to keep our fees low.

Most MCC-SA members are also members of other clubs for the purposes of training or to access facilities.

What Events does the Marathon Canoe Club run?

The Club’s major event is the Riverland Paddling Marathon.  In addition shorter events are conducted throughout the year at many venues, including the Murray River, West Lakes, Encounter Lakes, Holdfast and the Onkaparinga River.  One of the most popular is the annual Christmas Paddle and Dinner at Swan Reach in early December.

Can I come along to Club races?

Sure!  Everyone who wants to paddle is welcome. At each event there are at least two courses of different lengths.  Non-members are welcome and the first paddle with us is free, (insurance levy may apply).

I’m new to paddling and don’t have any experience or equipment …

No problem – we have all been there and we all have to start somewhere.

The MCC can assist beginners with:

  • basic tuition to get you going,
  • equipment that is suitable for beginners to use during club paddles,
  • contacts for professional coaching if you wish to further develop your skills,
  • an encouraging and friendly environment, with plenty of assistance to help new paddlers to find their legs (or should that be arms?).

Who are the members?

The Club caters for all levels of paddling from recreational paddlers to competitive paddlers, from beginners to experienced, from juniors to veterans, females and males.  Some MCC members have represented Australia at international marathon championships, national titles and Master’s games as well as competing in races such as the Murray Marathon and Hawkesbury Classic.  Other members are happy to simply join in regular training paddles and compete in the occasional local race.  There is something for every level.

So, come and try!  It’s a fit way to see a river.