2015 Back2Back Provisional Results

The 2015 Back2Back has been run and won!

Saturday saw 41 boats across the start line in fair to good conditions – the Weather was quite nice with wind around 15-20km/h and clear sunny skies.  Unfortunately this also brouth out the wake-boarders which did cause a few capsizes.

We ran a short course (approx 8km) and a long course – consisting of 2 laps between the Swanport bridge and Town bridge to bring up a distance of just over 20km.

Sunday Morning at Swanport just after sunrise
Sunday Morning at Swanport just after sunrise

Sunday morning was near perfect – with the wind well under 10km.  We had a total of 24 starters on Sunday Morning.  We ran the same short course again and the long course was upstream to Avoca Dell and return for a total distance of just under 21km.

B2B 2015 Provisional Results – if you have any questions/queries please email us and we will review.

Bob On behalf o the MCC-SA