West Lakes leg of MCC Twilight Series

Twilight Series Ð West lakes 12km

Wednesday 31st  January 2007


Class              Name                                                  Time                           Place



K1MV55          Richard Ewens                                  1:22:40                        1st


TK1MV55       David Speck                                      1:17:32                        1st


TK1MV65       Bill Griffin                                          1:18:23                        1ST


TK2MX55       Roger Magor / Daphne Magor        1:11:38                        1st


TK2MV70       John Hales / Ron Blum                    1:11:41                        1st


C2 MU18        Michael Corena / Guy Duggin         1:16:56                        1st






Race Report:



We were greeted by an almost full car park but most of these paddlers were dragon boaters putting some new boats through their paces. It was a lovely evening and the lake was being put to good use by many groups of paddlers.


Richard Ewens joined us for the first time using this race as training for the Police & FiremenÕs games next month.


It was good to see young paddlers, Michael Corena & Guy Duggin competing in a C2.  


Of the regular paddlers John Hales & Ron Blum showed a significant improvement compared with their time in last yearÕs race.



Race Starter / Timekeeper / Ground Crew etc:   Sue Speck